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Securing Peace of Mind With Your Merchant Account Processor

It is said money can’t buy peace of mind, but can you put it on a credit card?
It’s no secret that credit card purchases are becoming the preferred method of doing business online. If you’re operating your own business, either of the traditional brick and mortar variety or managing a new E-commerce venture from the security of your home or small office, you know safe, reliable credit card processing is an absolute necessity to your businesses success.
Getting Started 
The top tier merchant account providers not only provide around the clock technical support and customer service, they’ll also display their credentials directly on their home page. Many Internet service providers and software companies provide independent rankings of various merchant account providers. Apple, Excite, America Online, and several others provide rankings of various aspects of credit card processing and online payment processing providers. The evaluations include the costs and details involved in application and approval, and the ease of use getting your transaction processing up and running.
Many online merchant account and transaction processing providers will present potential customers with not only the ratings by independent evaluators but also customer testimonials and fee schedules clearly laid out on their website. Once the prospective client completes the application, the evaluation takes less than twenty-four hours in some cases. The customer is then ready to begin doing business.
Reputations and Credibility 
Merchant account providers are motivated to provide the best and most reliable customer service by the need for sterling reputations and unimpeachable integrity as a function of their ability to do business. Disreputable online merchant account providers face a loss of business, either by a corrupted public image within the ecommerce community or by the proper authorities. The mainstream credit card transaction businesses, therefore, often attempt to outdo one another. The end result is that many merchant account providers have propelled themselves to obtain perfect ratings by the online evaluators listed above.
Doing Business 
Some merchant account providers also offer an integrated shopping cart system and website with hosting that allows small businesses to conduct web-based transactions smoothly and conveniently, without jumping from one software platform to another.
This ensures a higher conversion rate as customers are more comfortable buying the merchants goods and services. The security of the site is protected through a series of precautions, including encryption tools provided by the merchant account provider, usually in the form of a shared SSL certificate.
On a physical level, traditional storefronts may also choose to purchase credit transaction terminals, which allow the credit card charge to be conducted quickly and with security, either over a secure Internet connection or by use of a phone line.
Choosing a Merchant Account Provider 
A final criterion to consider in selecting a merchant account is flexible payment schedules that will grow with your business. These are provided by many of the best merchant account providers, often at no additional base cost.
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